Dear Colleagues,

It is such a shame that the global COVID-19 pandemic has prevented us from meeting in person at the IBC2020 meetings in Seoul, Korea.  But we are delighted to instead bring the conference to you, virtually! 

Staff at the IBS Business Office and our various planning committees have worked tirelessly to convert IBC2020 to a virtual format.  I think it is looking great!  But because we’ve had to do things fairly quickly and because this is our first time running a virtual conference, there will inevitably be a few glitches!  If this happens, we ask for your patience and understanding! Please notify us at ibs@biometricsociety.org and let us know what the problem is and we’ll try to fix as soon as possible.

Because of the time differences among us all, we plan to deliver our virtual IBC offerings over a number of weeks throughout June and July.  We will be running things at a few different times so as to make it feasible for everyone to join at least some of the sessions at a reasonable hour!  If you miss the live session, you can always watch the recording later. 

Under the tab called “Schedule of Events”, you can drill down to find out more about our keynote addresses, our invited sessions, our showcases, as well as our contributed and poster sessions.  The dates and times are being filled in as things get scheduled.   Session will be offered live via zoom at the advertised dates and times, then available as a recording after that.  You will need to be registered and logged into your IBS account to access the IBC 2020 Community where the zoom details and recording are available.

I encourage you to engage proactively by participating in live sessions.  You can also make comments via Twitter (https://twitter.com/IBSstats) or Facebook.  Registrants can also engage through our brand new IBC 2020 Community page, accessible via the website.  If you are already registered, click here to introduce yourself in the discussion thread titled "Welcome and Introductions".  This will allow you to become familiar with the discussion post and you can begin posting your thoughts about upcoming or past sessions during the online series. 

Students and individuals from Lower and Middle Income Countries (LMIC) can register for free.  For others, we are asking for a modest registration fee, though IBS members will have the option to request a fee waiver if need be.  If you are in a position to pay the fee (e.g. if your university or organization will cover it for you), we will be very grateful since this will help offset some of the losses IBS has incurred due to the in-person conference being cancelled, as well as the costs associated with running this virtual conference.

I really hope you enjoy the virtual conference, though I look forward to seeing you in person before too much longer!


Louise Ryan
IBC2020 Organizing President


louise-ryan.jpgLouise M. Ryan, Organizing President
Professor of Statistics, University of Technology Sydney
renato_assuncao.jpgRenato Assuncao, Program Chair
Professor, Computer Science Department
Universidade Federal de Mlnas Gerais, Brazil
taerim-lee.jpgTaerim Lee, LOC Chair
Professor, Korea National Open University
taesung-park.jpgTaesung Park, LOC Co-Chair
Professor, Seoul National University