A variety of showcases and special invited sessions and keynote speakers will be presented during the 2020 International Biometric Conference.

Young Statistician Showcase Competition

The Young Statisticians' Showcase is an important part of the Society's International Biometric Conference (IBC). If you are currently an MSc or PhD candidate or graduated with one of these degrees in 2017 or later, you are eligible to enter the competition! 

Five papers (one from Africa, Asia & Australasia, Europe, North America and South America) will be selected for presentation in the IBC 2020 Young Statisticians' Showcase session.  The winners will each receive a stipend of $3,000 (USD) to cover their expenses in attending the IBC in 2020.  Only presentation types of "Oral only", "Oral Preference" or "Oral/Poster (no preference)" will be considered. 

Click here for details on how to apply!

ISI Special Invited Session

Yoav Benjamini
Department of Statistics and Operations Research
Tel Aviv University

Yoav will be speaking in a special session organized by the International Statistics Institute (ISI) and where he will received the 2019/2020 Pearson Prize which "recognizes a contemporary research contribution, published within the last three decades, that has had profound influence on statistical theory, methodology, practice, or applications." The prize is sponsored by Elsevier B.V and you can find more details about Yoav's award here.  Additional information about the session will be posted soon!

Statistics in Practice I & II
Organizer and Moderator: Annette Kopp-Schneider (for Education Committee)

Fast algorithms and modern visualizations for feature selection

Professor Samuel Mueller
School of Mathematics and Statistics

University of Sydney
Dr. Garth Tarr
School of Mathematics and Statistics

University of Sydney