Seoul is a city that offers a wide range of accommodation options with a large diversity of types of prices. From hostels, temple stays and luxury hotels. Even campgrounds and guesthouses. On this page below you can find a variety of hotels and residence. We hope this information will help you find a proposal that best fits your requirements.  

Hotel availability and prices in Seoul change significantly when approaching the date of the conference. We highly recommend booking your hotel as soon as possible, otherwise availability cannot be guaranteed. 

You can make reservations for the following selected accommodations with special room rates near the venue. Hotel room reservations will be made on a first-come, first-served basis. 




Room Type

Room Rate



Hotel Link



Intercontinental Hotel COEX

Superior Room

KRW 230,000

KRW 30,000


Booking Link




Superior Room

KRW 110,000

KRW 18,000


Complete Form



Hotel Peyto Samseong


KRW 140,000

KRW 20,000


Complete Form

hotel.png  STEP 1
Choose a hotel where you would like to reserve a room.
Step_2.png STEP 2
Visit the links (when available) to fill out the reservation form from the hotel list above.
Step_3.png STEP 3
Send the form directly to the desired hotel on or before 5 June 2020.

Please complete the reservation form (when
available) and send it directly to the desired hotel by 5 June 2020.

  • Rates are per room, per night.
  • Reserving early is recommended, as rooms will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The reservation form must be accompanied with your credit card information for a one-night deposit to guarantee your reservation. At the end of the stay the balance will be charged upon check-out. 
  • Cancellation and refund policies are according to the rules of each hotel.
  • Promotional rates only apply to IBC 2020 participants.

Other Accommodations & Unique Stays

Below accommodations were selected after careful consideration of several factors including:

- distance to and from the venue,
- security,
- moderate price per night,
- convenient travel and traffic.

Benikia Chain Hotels: BENEKIA is a Korean business hotel chain brand made of the letters from the sentence 'Best Night in Korea'.  Korean Tourism Organization supports Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to promote 'BENIKEA' chain brand business to provide comfortable rest area for local and foreign travelers. Click to view the many options that the Benikia hotel chain offer 

Hotel Options:
Hotel Hue

Temple Stay Options: 
Templestay: Finding your True Self

Hostel Options:
Hi Seoul Youth Hostel
Seoul Youth Hostel
Hostel Korea (Hanok Jin House)
Seoul International Youth Hostel

Guesthouse Options:
Doo Guesthouse
Woori-jip Guesthouse
Doo Guesthouse (Bukchon)
WWOOF Korea Guesthouse
Han Guesthouse
Kimchi Guesthouse
Myeonggajae Hanok Guesthouse
Moon Guesthouse
Dasom Guest House
Moda Guesthouse
Hyosundang Hanok Guesthouse
Myeongdong Guesthouse

Campground Options
Seoul Grand Park Campground
Camping in Seoul
Jungnang Campground
Nanji Campground
Noeul Campground

For additional unique stays throughout Seoul, click here